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The Whitewater Bus

I’ve been wanting to share this job for awhile, but as in all contracts, secrecy is usually required until it’s finished. I’ve been done with the images for a little while now, but I got word this week that the bus was on the road, so I couldn’t wait to drive to Banff to take some photos. Click on any of these images to see them larger.

Chinook Rafting presented me with a big challenge: Paint a cartoon of a whitewater raft full of people to be wrapped on both sides of a bus. Since there is text that couldn’t be simply reversed, that meant two paintings, even though most of the other side is identical, but flipped. The design and painting wasn’t so much the problem. Sketches, changes, more sketches, cleanup…the usual. It was the layout and the size of the final image that presented the challenge. After all, there’s a door, and windows, and wheel wells.

The main file I delivered to the company that did the actual output and printing of the vinyl was 1.59GB. Yep, that’s GIG. A vector design would have been a whole lot easier, but the painted look can’t be done that way, hence the huge file size. And this is why I keep my computer hardware updated.

I worked for a sign company here in Canmore for a couple of years, so I knew what was involved with doing a vinyl application for something like this and what layout challenges might come up. While there were some problems (aren’t there always?), they were manageable and I’m extremely pleased with how this looks on the bus. Can’t wait to be driving down the highway and see this vehicle taking visitors to the area out to go rafting.

The company logo and contact details will be put on the front and back of the bus very soon but I’m not involved with that, as it’s a pretty straightforward layout and application.

I love my job, so most days are good in my world. Today, however, was VERY good.

2 thoughts on “The Whitewater Bus

  1. Very, very cool my friend. You should be very proud!!!

  2. Yes! Would be marvellous to see!

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