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Monty’s Month of May Giveaway – WEEK ONE

Ground Squirrel TotemThis week, I am giving away an 11″X14″ matted paper print of either the Ground Squirrel Totem OR the Grizzly Bear Totem.   If you are the winner, it is your choice.  This is a $44.00 value, and yes, shipping is included, no matter where you live on the planet!   Sorry, offworlders!  All you have to do is go to my Cartoon Ink Facebook page, click on Like (if you aren’t already following that page), find the recent post that asks you to comment, follow the instructions, and you are entered!

You have until Thursday, May 5th at midnight MST (that’s MOUNTAIN time), and I will announce a winner on Friday!  As mentioned in a previous post, I know a number of people on that page personally, so I’ll find an impartial person to pick a random number that will correspond to the list of entries.  They will only be allowed to see the list after they’ve picked a number.


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