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“Season’s Greetings, everybody, from KBHR, the heart and soul of Cicely, Alaska. This is Chris In The Morning. From where I’m sitting, I’ve got a great view of all the yuletide decorations going up all over town. That’s right, everywhere I turn my head I see ebony birds roosting for the holidays. You know, twinkling colored lights are nice, and so are plastic Santas and reindeers and manger scenes, but I’ll tell you something, friends… nothing like the sight of a beautiful black-as-pitch raven to get you in the Christmas spirit.”
– Chris Stevens, Northern Exposure.

This is the second animal painting in the series of many that I’m currently involved in. When compared to the grizzly bear painting I recently did, I’m not sure which was more difficult, fur or feathers. But I enjoyed painting both, and learned a lot from each.

Here’s the closeup. And while my wife and I don’t really celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays for those of you that do.

3 thoughts on “Raven

  1. this is beautiful work Patrick! The eye is spectacular.

  2. Thanks, Ian!

  3. Hi

    Amazing ART

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