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One week ’til Photoshop World

It’s that time of year again.  A week from tomorrow, I’m off to Photoshop World Las Vegas.

The week before is always a bit hectic, largely because I’ve got a couple of illustration projects to wrap up, and I need to draw double the amount of editorial cartoons to cover my newspapers while I’m away.  That’s the same for any time off I take, so it’s just part of the job.  This year, I’ve got a lot to look forward to, beginning with the fact that I found out this weekend that I am once again a finalist in the illustration category for the Guru Awards!

Great Horned Owl TotemMy Great Horned Owl Totem painting was one of the three paintings I entered, and the one that made the cut.  Considering how much work I put into those feathers, I’m very pleased.  While I would like to win again (why lie?), it really is enough just to be a finalist, because there is an immense amount of talent at this event, and I take nothing for granted.

My latest DVD will launch this week and will be for sale at the PhotoshopCAFE booth on the Expo Floor.  Looking forward to seeing and promoting it at the event.  I’ve also got some industry folks and clients I want to spend time with regarding upcoming and ongoing projects.  The importance of the connections and relationships you make and build on at this sort of event really can’t be overstated.  Email, Skype, and social networking are great ways to stay connected, but none of them measure up with face-to-face interaction.

While I’m again taking  a number of classes this year, (only one of which is on illustration technique) I’m most looking forward to the time I’ll spend with other creatives and industry professionals who enjoy and are passionate about their work.  Every year, I return from Photoshop World initially exhausted, but creatively inspired.  It’s an addictive experience.

You can be sure that I’ll be updating the blog at least once from Vegas, but for more regular updates, you can always check out my Facebook page here or follow me on Twitter.


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