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ImagineFX goes digital!

Just found out this morning that my favorite digital art magazine, ImagineFX has finally become available in a digital format. Regular readers will know how much I like my iPad, and one of the best uses for it is reading magazines. I’ve got four shelves on a bookshelf in my office containing many printed issues of Photoshop User magazine, various Computer Arts titles, and ImagineFX.

I had canceled my ImagineFX subscription awhile back because I didn’t have enough time to sit and read a magazine and some issues were going on the shelf unread. Figured I’d catch up before diving back in. One thing I love about the iPad is that I can have an entire library with me all the time, and magazines are perfect for this device. I can zoom in on artwork, read as much or as little as I want in a sitting, and quickly find an article in the future without having to sit down and flip through a stack of magazines. Best of all, it doesn’t take up any shelf space.

I’ve renewed my subscription, at a fraction of the cost, and all I’m missing out on is the DVD that comes with the printed issue, which most of the time I didn’t use anyway. ImagineFX is by far, the best digital art magazine on the market. I’m not even a sci-fi or fantasy artist, but I have learned more from this magazine about digital painting over the years than I have from almost any other resource.

Happy to now have it back, and in the format that I prefer.

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