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Penguin Prints at the Calgary Zoo

Just got back from a quick trip to Calgary.  Stopped in at my printer to collect the first prints of the Rockhopper Penguin Totem.  Rather than make two trips, I signed them all at the print shop, put biography inserts  into each of the matted prints, then drove them directly to the Calgary Zoo.  Any other day, I would have brought my camera and taken the opportunity to get some more reference shots for future paintings, but I’m glad I hadn’t planned on that, today.  Quite a few yellow school buses and personal vehicles in the parking lot and very busy once I got in there.  I mean, that place was a zoo! (thank you, tip your waitress, I’m here all week).

While the zoo already has one of my Wolf Totem canvases and a couple of Wolf Totem and Moose Totem matted prints, this is the first large batch of prints they’ve ordered, and in a variety of sizes, too.  With the opening of the Penguin Plunge habitat in Calgary this year, and their retail store located right beside it, this is definitely the best place for that particular painting to be sold.  Here’s hoping it does well, and that pretty soon they’ll be ordering prints of some of my other Totem animals.

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