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Bighorn Sheep – Work In Progress

This is a sneak peek progress shot of the Bighorn Sheep painting I’m working on. After the success I’ve had with the Moose and Wolf paintings, I feel a certain amount of pressure that my next paintings have to be better than anything I’ve done before. While that’s always the goal anyway, it’s different right now in that I’m very aware of it, so I’ll likely obsess about the details on the current paintings quite a bit more. I’m also enjoying working on two pieces at the same time. Hoping to spend a few hours next week on the Great Horned Owl piece.

Lately I’ve been feeling the itch to get back into doing some paintings of people. Aside from some editorial cartoon caricatures, I haven’t painted a likeness of a person since the Bert Monroy caricature I did five months ago. The next one will likely be an actor or musician, but not anybody on the A-list. There are a number of character actors I’ve wanted to paint over the years and I think it’ll be time to finally tackle one of those in the new year.

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  1. This painting looks fabulous and am interested to see the owl.


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