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A dog and his painting.

Regular readers will know the story by now, but long story short, my friend Pat Wendt in Lincoln, Nebraska has this wonderful little dog named Don Diego.  When it came time to record my animal painting DVD for PhotoshopCAFE, I thought he’d be the perfect subject.  Since Pat is a talented photographer, I knew I’d get a great reference photo to work from, and I certainly did.  In exchange for the use of her photo (and her dog), I gave her some prints, copies of both of my DVD’s, my undying gratitude and the framed stretched canvas painting that you see here.

When it comes to digital painting, the finished piece ends up being a digital file, so when it comes to ‘the original’, it’s whatever the artist certifies as such.  As I included a certificate of authenticity with the painting, Pat now owns the original of this work.  It’s hanging in the bookstore, Bluestem Books, that she and her husband Scott own in Lincoln.  I asked Pat to take this photo for me so that I could see the painting with the subject.

Now there’s a dog with charisma!

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  1. A gracious gesture and a gracious gift to a gracious woman from a gracious artist… is comforting to know grace is still present in this world 🙂


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