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Diamonds in the Roar – NEW RELEASE

Diamond Art Club reached out to me in the middle of 2021 with a professional and detailed inquiry and a polished contract. That’s always a good start. Though I didn’t know much about the product at the time, their site and representative explained it well.

Aside from three images, Diamond Art Club now has the worldwide exclusive license for my work on diamond art kits.

Like many licenses, there were months between uploading images and availability for purchase. To create a Diamond Art Kit, designers need to convert a detailed painting into an entirely new format, a cross between paint by numbers, cross-stitch and lite-brite.

I’ve checked out their competitors, and Diamond Art Club’s kits are the best I’ve seen. Clearly, their customers agree as they have a massive, devoted following.

When my first kit launched last summer, the Otter sold out in a few days.
Restocking these kits isn’t a simple matter of reprinting the image. First, each kit needs to be manufactured, and that takes time. Unwrapping my sample of the first kit, it’s easy to see why. So it took several months, but I’m happy to report that the Otter is now back in stock on their site.

Several subscribers purchased the Otter and said they’ve enjoyed it.

Today, it’s my pleasure to announce that a new diamond art kit will launch TOMORROW. I’ve known about this one coming for some time but couldn’t announce it until now.
This one is 22″ X 29″ (55.8cm x 73.7cm) Square with 48 colours including 3 Aurora Borealis colour. The T-Rex is now available! You can see and purchase it here.

The designer(s) did a fantastic job rendering my T-Rex painting into a diamond art kit format. The conversion looks a lot like pixel art, but instead, each pixel is one of their patented colourful resin rhinestones.
Other designs are coming this year, but I’m not allowed to reveal anything more.

But if they turn out as well as the first two have, I’ll be thrilled to let you know when I can.


2 thoughts on “Diamonds in the Roar – NEW RELEASE

  1. I love your puzzle idea.
    We might not have space for all the prints we like but it will be fun to enjoy the artwork through my puzzle addiction.I can share it with all the family that also enjoy putting together pictures.
    All your work is suitable for the format.
    Smaller puzzles are also great when you just need a little fix.
    It is how I think my problems through, they seem to resolve in the background of a good puzzle session.
    I love to see you in my email, always like a visit with a friend.
    I really enjoy to read all the details that go in to running your world.
    Information that I would never know if you didn’t share.

    1. Thank you, Ruth! You’ve hit the nail on the head with not having enough space for prints. While it’s been wonderful that so many of my customers have bought multiple prints over the years, we’ve only so much wall space. Since I’m going to keep painting, I’ve been working to come up with ways people can enjoy my work, other than prints.

      Licensing is a big part of that, the calendars from Pacific Music & Art were very popular this year. The book I’m working on is another avenue. And now the puzzles.

      I spend a lot of time in my head, most of the wheel grinding in there is not positive or helpful, but I found the same thing while Shonna and I assembled the puzzle, and I even said that to her. It’s very meditative, quiets the mental chatter. We both enjoyed it.

      And I appreciate your kind words about the emails. I frequently hear from subscribers that they like the writing as much as the art, which is flattering and encouraging. I do enjoy telling the stories behind the work, so I’m pleased that others like reading them.

      Happy New Year!

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