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Wild Animals All Year Long

It’s hard to describe the good feeling when a new product shows up in the mail or lands on my doorstep.

Sometimes it’s proofs from Art Ink Print in Victoria, the first time I see a new painting in print. Or it might be a sample from a new licensing contract, like the big box that arrived from Spilsbury Puzzles last year. More fun than receiving them was giving them away to friends, family and subscribers to A Wilder View.

Spilsbury gave me 12 puzzles, and I didn’t keep one. Giving them away was much more fun than any enjoyment I would have had putting one together. Of course, I could have held a couple, had them collect dust in the closet, but where’s the fun in that?

Pacific Music & Art has a calendar rack in the Canmore Save-On-Foods store, right near the front door. I shop there often, so I’m used to seeing my calendars on display. I’ll confess that each time I go in, I glance at the rack.
However, the other day, I knew they had received their first shipment of my Wild Animals 2022 calendar, and I wanted to see it. Even though I selected the images, approved the digital proofs, and knew what it would look like, there’s just something about holding the finished product.

This morning, my own first order of calendars showed up. I’ve been a professional artist for a long time, yet a box of calendars on my front step is still incredibly validating. So pulling the first one from the box made me smile.

Each year, more of my work ends up on licensed products, many of which were a surprise. T-shirts from Harlequin Nature Graphics, phone cases and decals from DecalGirl, puzzles, fabric samples, and other products I’ve approved on paper but have never seen in real life.

Pacific Music & Art, however, has the most variety of any company that licenses my work. Magnets, coasters, trivets, art cards, notepads, coffee mugs, face masks and more. It’s an extensive list, one that is ever-changing and evolving. Sold in stores all over Western Canada, Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, new locations and venues are added all the time.

Though the Calgary Zoo has sold my prints for many years, it’s often the first place I’ll see and hold a new design from Pacific.
Mike sent me a picture of this display last week from the Save-On store in Duncan, BC, featuring artists from the Pacific catalogue. I’m told I’ll be able to share an even better display photo very soon from the Save-On here in Canmore.

Wild Animals 2022 is my third calendar from Pacific Music & Art. A friend recently expressed surprise that printed calendars were still popular. Even though we all have access to a digital calendar on our phones and devices, I explained that people still like to have a printed calendar in their offices or kitchen at home to mark down appointments or family events.

Some of these people choose one featuring my funny-looking animals, and it’s flattering that they want to look at my grinning critters all year long.

Next week, I’ll offer up the Wild Animals 2022 calendar for sale to my subscribers. So if you haven’t yet signed up for A Wilder View, perhaps now is the time.

In the meantime, I’m giving away two calendars each to two different winners so that each winner can keep one for themselves and give one away.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post below. Do you have any of my funny-looking animals in your home, either on a print or product and which one(s)? Or tell me what kind of product or item might look good with one of my whimsical wildlife paintings on it.

Anyone may enter; I’m happy to ship these prizes worldwide.

I’ll let the winners know on Tuesday, July 20th, giving you a week to enter. Good luck to all!


© Patrick LaMontagne

48 thoughts on “Wild Animals All Year Long

  1. I always enjoy seeing your work. I’ve been drawing and painting for a loooong time. I’m retired now and don’t have an outlet other than facebook to show my art, but I still enjoy my hobby. I did write a book and when the first few books came I had the same feeling that you so elegantly described. You are painting some crazy good stuff.

  2. Always happy to see your work my friend. I wonder if anyone has been inked with one of your creations yet? Kids rub on tattoos might be fun, but not as durable.

    1. Thanks, Doug! I know of one who got inked a long time ago with my first Grizzly painting. He told me about it after the fact and sent a photo. The tattoo artist did not do a good job of it, so I was diplomatic in my reply, because y’know…it was permanent.

  3. I remember you sitting with your pen doodling everyday at work. It has been a pleasure seeing you expand your craft and it brings a smile to my face when I see your pictures in shops, I always think I used to work with that guy boy he is talented.

  4. Well… right now your ‘Sire’ mask is either in my house or adorning my visage when out and about in town. I’ve had many comments on it too, always positive.

    I’ve always thought your paintings would be awesome in a graphic novel series, but in lieu of that I think a coffee cup would be a nice spot to… ah, spot one.

  5. I always enjoy reading your newsletters Patrick! Great work!


  6. A 2022 Calendar to jot down all the happenings in a new year that (hopefully) will be a bit more of the normal we enjoyed pre-pandemic! Loved the display! I’ll need to get a wolf mug for my bestie! Your masks were some of the first I ordered when they became a requirement. I shipped a few to my friends in the UK. I also have a number of your prints as well. They bring such joy! I’m especially digging your polar bear as I was to go to Svalbard, Norway to photograph them. Trip has been postponed twice now, but I’ll get there. Keep up the great work and continued success to you!

  7. Hi Patrick,
    Glad to know 2022 is fast approaching. Some ideas where your whimsical wildlife might be featured include:
    a) porcupine quill boxes with Winter Wolf or Walking Wolf as a design (would be memorable)
    b) some Christmas note cards with Christmas bear on the front (would be a sought-after seasonal purchase)
    c) a coffee mug with Embers (Walking Wolf) (would be courage boosting)
    d) a wall plate with Winter Wolf (would be a nice accent piece in the right spot)
    e) a welcome mat with Walking Wolf (Embers) (or any of the wild rose gang would be relished here)
    The list could go on !!!
    Best regards,

  8. I ordered 3 of your masks near the beginning of the pandemic – I figured if I was gonna be masked, I should have fun! Being a decent human, I gave 2 away and kept 1 for me. In fact, I wore my otter mask yesterday! And the lion mask made its way to Lithuania. My dog-loving daughter wears the somewhat lunatic-looking lemur. We all love them!

    I probably should investigate at this point whether a phone case exists for my Huawei phone!

  9. Sad that we won’t get to see you at Comic Con this year, we are going to miss you!!! Shopping online is not the same as hanging out with you for a bit. We have almost all your stuff but I come in to work every day to a snide, snarky looking camel that can sum up my mood quite nicely some days 😉 Side note – you ever done a porcupine or skunk? Be super adorable, me thinks. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

    1. Yeah, I’ll miss seeing you at Expo this year, too. But NEXT year, that’ll be a big event, I’m sure. Have not done a porcupine or skunk yet, but they’re on the list. Just have to get the right reference.

  10. We love your artwork and have a number of small pieces in our home, including the red panda trivet you so graciously gifted us with during Covid lockdown. Please keep producing such happy artwork that makes people smile!

  11. Kinda sad that my collection of masks (Xmas Bear, Lemur, Smiling Tiger, Eagle, Peanuts) are going into storage. My favourite, Sasquatch, is still on hand in case I need it.
    Had a gentleman come into the store a week and a half ago wearing a Sasquatch tee and blew his mind when I pulled out the Sasquatch mask.
    Would luv to see the critters on beer coozies…just think how refreshing a polar bear or winter wolf coozie would make your beer! Better yet, who would dare take your beer from the watchful and judging eyes of a lemur, ostrich or eagle?
    Hope all is well with you and Shonna.

    1. Thanks Kev! That’s not a bad idea. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  12. OMG…. I won one of his puzzles…. and look at the calendar…. what kid or grandparent wouldn’t love this to look up and smile at…. check out the calendars from #canada’s own nature lover and protector and cartoonist from coast to coast to coast of our Canada… Patrick LaMontagne… love ya kiddo… and your heart of gold…. you stay true to the ordinary… of us… and our hearts and souls… thank you for years of joy …. I WANT A CALENDAR…. AND WHAT OLD FOGGIE WOULDN’T WANT ONE OF THESE ON A T-SHIRT…..

  13. Thank you for the chance to win !

  14. Love your work! We have artwork: the ground hog and the King Penquin We also have 4 different masks. My husband thought he lost his Sasquatch mask, but luckily a coworker found it as its his favourite. He gets lots of comments on it.

  15. I first found your art when we visited Canada for a holiday. I’m an animal lover and just fell in love with your art. I bought home your first calendar and have ordered them online each year since. I also have four of your coasters. They were too cute to leave behind!

  16. Martha and I (David) LOVE most of your paintings… the ‘twinkle’ in the eyes is what originally caught us and ‘keeps’ us looking, and we love your Blogs. Martha, in particular, LOVES crows. Their obvious intelligence and the ‘fun’ things that they do. We have dozens of cards and pictures with their antics and curiosity showing.
    I think you could easily add to this collection (we do have a couple of yours already), with your special insight into their ‘fun’ character…
    Thanks, Dave

    1. Thanks, Dave! I love crows and ravens, too. You can tell Martha I will be painting more in the future.

  17. Hi my ol’ swim team buddy, we still keep a paper calendar in the kitchen and I would love to gift one to my sister who has a nine year old, it would make her so happy!

    1. Little Andie Graham has kids?! Damn how old ARE we? 😉

  18. All of the animals are wonderful! The smiling tiger is still the one that always brightens my day.

  19. I have 10 teenage chickens that are quite entertaining and I will try to get some of their antics….

  20. I love your quirky creatures! I gave calendars to a few people last year for Christmas because I thought we could all use some extra smiles this year. I also purchased a few prints for myself, my mom, and my boyfriend and they are all fantastic! I have the smiling otter up on my mantel!
    Christmas ornaments would be a fun product with your artwork!

  21. Thank you for the chance to win your Wild Animals 2022 calendar! I have long been an admirer of your work. I have the Smiling Tiger and Otter masks that I still wear in public and still get compliments on. I can’t think of any product your animals wouldn’t look great on. I’m thinking maybe a tote bag type item would be a fun one. Thanks, Bonnie

  22. I LOVE your art work. Wish the US/Canadian border would reopen so I could come visit. I would love to get a 2022 calendar to hang on the wall of my new house. I especially love the cranky ostrich.

  23. You know the Otter is my favourite with Berkley a close second. The otter hangs in my office at home and I have received a few comments on my otter mask. The current Bears 2021 calendar hangs in my office at work. Thanks for the chance to win the 2022 calendar!

  24. From one crazy looking animal to another….. ?

    What do I have of yours? Hmm. A sasquatch mask, an ostrich print, and a handful of postcards, I believe. Which is just never enough.

  25. Great work Patrick
    Love to have you do a bull terrier/ boxer of mine. Someday we’ll get together.

  26. I have a print of your cows. So many other fun ones still to choose from.

  27. I love the expressions you give all your artwork. I have a few of the face masks that you put out originally, they are still my favourite.

  28. We enjoy all your pictures and have many of your prints/ canvases on our walls.

  29. Hi Patrick, all your animals make me smile so it’s difficult to choose a favourite.
    I have prints of your panda and smiling tiger, a 2020 calendar and a couple of masks.
    ..and there’s an ostrich looking at me when I turn on the computer. Thank you.

  30. I currently have your Bears Calendar up on the wall, and also have bear and otter masks that we got early in the pandemic!

  31. Thank you Patrick for sharing so many smiles through your art!! I own many prints, however the one of your Rooster greets me in my kitchen everyday!! I have also purchased multiple phone case covers from Decal Girl- a super way to carry the smiles with me….and I get tons of comments!! Cheers Patrick to continued success!

  32. Hello my friend,
    I just love your funny animals. And of course my favorite is the Panda. I have the Panda masks and the beautiful Panda picture that I will be displaying in my new panda room in Upstate New York.
    Our dog, Pinky is hilarious and I do have a cute picture of her smiling and she gives us great joy and plenty of laughs.
    I gave my nephew Jeff a picture of the Giraffe which he loved and he already had the mask.
    Be safe you two. Panda ? hugs.

  33. I love your art, the animals, they all look so amazing!! <3 I still have the masks I ordered too. I kinda want more just cause now. My cat thinks it’s hilarious and he just gives me a stupid grin when I wear the wolf one.

  34. Hi Patrick! We have a few of your masks here. The panda and the otter. I haven’t been able to narrow down my painting choice yet but the walls aren’t done so I have some time. I absolutely love your artwork.

  35. Thank you so much for the wallpaper for my computer! Berkeley looks at me every morning and makes me smile 🙂

  36. Hi Patrick, I missed seeing an ‘old fashioned’ paper calendar in the kitchen this year so we filled the void with that special bear watching us while it’s layin’ in the grass. The fun is changing from ‘up’ to ‘down’ every once in a while. Your cards have made it to Tucson and Colorado mountains. Our masks got/get smiles and ‘good one’ when we’re out. Each print has a special spot in the house. Winter Crow is my pal at the computer. Keep doing what you love!

  37. Hi Patrick,
    We have several of your funny animals around the house. Wolves, tiger and otter on mask, Tiger on magnet, bear calendar, Berkley with a lady bug, likely one or two others I have forgotten.

  38. Hi!
    I’ve got two Berkley prints in my living room, an awesome calendar still floating around because it’s so dang cute and three masks. I wear my lion one daily and without fail get at least one complement on it each time. I love your work and can’t get enough!!

  39. Your emails are often the highlight of my day! I just get such a feeling of happiness and love, when I see your animals! I like to think the bears are my favorites? But then the whales are too… and the tiger… and the wolves… and the ostrich, and the…. You get the picture! Thank you for being that artist…. You are sincerely appreciated!!!!!

  40. I have some of your magnets on the fridge and the smiling tiger is the first thing I see when I open the door! I got an otter card from a store in Nanaimo last year and was able to show off my otter mask. Love your work!

  41. I have no wild animals in my house except a 15 year old cat I rescued 8 years ago. She’s big love bug and to give me a nip here and there.
    We met a couple of years ago at the Stampede where I purchased my first two prints. I proudly have a framed smiling tiger and a lovely young lion on my wall.

    Thank you!

  42. I love getting your emails and seeing what interesting things you are doing…and also am very happy about your calendars. It is hard in a home to display artwork you like…only so much space…so how fun to have a new picture every month! Thanks!

  43. I love Patrick’s illustrations and paintings. I have a stunning illustration of a lion with blue eyes as my laptop wallpaper now and it excites me each morning to see that powerful beast come up on my desktop. It motivates me to be powerful for the day and get things accomplished!


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